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No King In Israel

Author: Joel Portman

Pages: 221

Description: The history of the period of the Judges is important, because it gives us the record of Israel's frequent failures and God's work to raise saviors to the nation. It is also important because in those periods delineated in the book, it anticipates the course of the present Church age that is reflected in the Lord's letter to the Seven Churches in Rev. 2-3. This book seeks to show that relationship and gives lessons that apply to Christians and local churches today.

Cost: $6.50




The Holy Spirit

Author: Joel Portman

Pages: 166

Description: This book studies the work of the Holy Spirit toward the individual and in local church gatherings, especially dealing with spiritual gifts given to the church and their functioning in service. 

Cost: $5.50




Edmund Hamer Broadbent

Author: G. H. Lang

Pages: 78

Description: Edmund Broadbent labored for God in eastern Europe and Russia, seeing the Lord work under very difficult circumstances. He proved God's principles in his service and later wrote the book called "The Pilgrim Church," which traces church history with an emphasis on small gatherings of believers that sought to remain true to God's Word. 

Cost: $4.00




Local Assembly Characteristics

Author: Joel Portman

Pages: 70

Description: God's Word gives definite principles that should direct the practices of a local assembly of believers, and we see these especially taught in Paul's first epistle to the assembly in Corinth. This short book handles those characteristics on this subject. 

Cost: $3.50